Something old and something new !

Something old!


“In regards to our conversation of freshness-date vs. expiration date, allow me to clarify the matter. All liquid malt extract has an expiration date of 3 years from the date of manufacture, provided that the method of packaging is sanitary.

After the first two years, liquid malt extract that is light in color will become darker. This does not affect the flavor or aroma of the beer that these LMEs produce, but it will affect the appearance. This is the nature of liquid malt extract, regardless of the manufacturer.

Because of this, we label our pre-hopped liquid malt extracts with freshness dating, rather than expiration dates. The “Best Before” you see on our cans is a guarantee of taste, smell and color, but in no way does it mean that our products are unusable after their peak of freshness has passed.

Your customers will also be glad to learn that all of our LMEs are packaged inside specially lined and hermetically sealed cans, to further ensure quality. Our pre-hopped LMEs have hops boiled into them, and then have an additional infusion of hop-oil added just prior to canning. This is the only preservative that can be added during the caning phase that will not inhibit yeast growth in the beer, or affect flavor and aroma.

In-short, every possible step that can be taken by us to provide the absolute best quality ingredients in the industry has been taken.”

We, at Atelier Bière et Vin, have purchased a shipment of these kit: European Lager (6), Lager (110), Draught (20), Real Ale (39), Stout (33), Dark Ale (63), Heritage Lager (76), I.P.A. (6), Australian Bitter (78), Pilsner (1), Traditional Draught (8), Wheat Beer (3) for a total 443 kits. The yeasts will be replaced with a fresh one and the kits will be sold at 25% off the regular price. We are only currently taking reservations until September 5th. The kits will be available for pickup (in house) on the 9th.


Something New!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our three dessert wines: Peppermint Mocha, Red Velvet and of course our famous Chocolate Raspberry! To celebrate this event a 10% rebate will be offered on the first 20 dessert wines sold! The kits are in… are you??!!